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Nice to know that the world's leading scientists and leading pharmaceutical companies combine their efforts and work together at the international level for the benefit. Members of Congress have expressed confidence that a comprehensive approach to solving the problem of diabetes, the use of modern drugs, psychological support, active participation of patients in the pattern during the treatment the conditions really well today. The main thing that endocrinologists have joined forces to motivate, ill, optimize control and believe the effectiveness of modern treatments. Research studies confirm that a high-speed modern is safe and can significantly improve the outcome of patients with diabetes mellitus. The results of the largest to date, randomized controlled trial of modern suggest that this drug provides a reduction in the number of episodes of severe hypoglycemia, and buy glucophage online reduced the frequency of preterm birth and reduces clinical risk to the fetus.

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In discussing the findings, professor, chief physician of the clinic, said: now medicine has documented that the application is not only safe, but also improves with the ingestion of glucose control and significantly reduces the risk of severe hypoglycemia and prematurely born fetus. The findings on the use of modern can be considered a turning point in the treatment of diabetes because they allow doctors to choose a really safe and effective treatment option. Diabetes has always been a significant problem for women. Historically, that at this endocrinopathy accompanied by serious consequences. The results of population studies indicate that even at today's relatively high level of development of medical technologies with diabetes are at high risk of formation. The professor also drew the audience's attention to the fact that the situation buy Glucophage usa think even the most optimistic-minded scientists, because according to current statistics, the buy glucophage online from a therapeutic standpoint perinatal complications are largely connected with insufficient glycemic control, which, in addition to the above diseases can also lead to macrosomia and neonatal hypoglycemia. Therefore, for the prevention of adverse effects need an organization rigid metabolic control. Today the obvious need to buy glucophage online raise the requirements of virtually all existing recommendations in this field. Modern rigorous approach to control blood glucose levels should provide for attainment of the target values. The measurement of these parameters in the home should be from four to eight times a day. The list of laboratory tests must necessarily include the definition of concentration. Modern control it based on predefined values and aims to prevent severe cases. Also, the Glucophage treatment process as in any other case, must involve, as it provides for a clear and comprehensive information for independent dosage adjustment.

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